Oct 092011
Kitchen Painted White

All the bare wooden surfaces were painted white. The air ducting, the shower cubicle, the covers over the hot tank and air con unit and the shelves under the sink & worktop! Next task is to do the shelving!

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Oct 072011

This morning we put back the sliding doors for the toilet in the Garden Room. They were given a clear coat of varnish a little while ago. We changed the locking mechanism to grip the drive cord running around the two pulleys so it would be easier to release the doors from the drive cord […]

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Oct 072011

We calculated what shelves we needed in the Garden Room to provide storage space while the room is being used as the kitchen. It turns out to be two 300mm (1foot) deep shelves approximately 4.1metres (14feet) long along the back wall above the sink and worktop, two 300mm (1foot) shelves 1.78metres (just under 6feet) long […]

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Oct 062011
Covers On!

The compartments where the hot water tank, air ducting and chimney, and fan lies, are now all covered up! They just need a coat of paint!

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Oct 062011

We analysed our building layout including our temporary living quarters and selected 4 devices, 1 optical smoke detector, 2 ionising smoke detectors and 1 heat sensor, all linked together as required in the regulations. The two ionising type of detectors are for the store room and our living quarters in the corridor between the lounge […]

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Oct 052011
Kitchen & Hot Water

The sink seems to be sealed! We ran water into the sink and nothing leaked!! The waste disposal unit operated just fine too! Phew! Thanks goodness for that! We switched on the immersion heater during lunch time and we returned back to a half a tank of hot water! The basin in the toilet delivers […]

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Oct 042011
Kitchen Sink installed

Today the sink was installed into the new worktop. The waste disposal unit was attached underneath and the waste pipes sorted ready for the outputs of the washing machine and dishwasher. Also the mains water and hot water supplies for said machines were fitted. The kitchen mixer tap was fitted. Everything has been sealed with […]

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Oct 032011
Kitchen Worktop Installed

Today the final stretch of worktop with vertical panels underneath, to make the sections for the three machines (dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer – respectively from right to left), was put up next to the Shower cubicle, along the back wall in the Garden Room. The whole worktop was sealed to the wall using […]

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Oct 012011

Today the Garden Room had three pieces of network cable threaded around in the Utility Rail, ready for activation when the ADSL router in moved (from the old house) and installed into the garage on the Tech Shelf! One network cable runs around to the Shower Cubicle to measure the performance of the heat exchanger. […]

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