Oct 032016

 Today, we started assembling the wooden dividers which go across the whole Floor Slab from the sections we made last week. We have done the Great Room and the section that includes the Kitchen and Bedroom 1. It is working out reasonably OK, without too many difficulties, apart from sometimes the concrete foundation strip having […]

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Oct 012016

While it was wet outside, we continued with making pieces of the cellular framework matrix that will divide up the Floor Slab into lots of rectangular regions so that no cracks (hopefully) will form when it cures and then gets heated up and cools down again and again and again! We put together a heap […]

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Sep 292016

 Today, while we waited  for the rain shower to clear up, we sliced up loads of strips of OSB left-over from our foundation shuttering, down to 100mm wide, and these will be used for forming the cells all over the Floor Slab to make sure that the soft fluffy expansion boards are held into place solidly, […]

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Sep 272016

 We carried on with the task of laying the Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) plastic down on the ground inside our perimeter wall of our house. We now have completed and reached up to the edge of the Entertainment room and half the Bedroom 2 at the back. We had to put down more sand to […]

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