This afternoon, we went around checking the height of all our cellular framework that divides up the Floor Slab. It is rather satisfying that we didn’t get more than 10mm up or down and mostly within 5mm of required height all over the Floor Slab’s framework.

We made some adjustment to one that were a little low (by propping up the framework on flat pieces of hardboard) and gently thumped down the highest points so we ended up with nothing more than 5mm out anywhere.

Checking Cell Heights

Checking Cell Heights

As the picture shows, we used the laser level equipment to analyse the absolute height, by putting the sighting pole on top of all the concrete blocks lying on all the “T” junction points.

We also wrapped a double layer of plastic around the buckets that are in the two sump areas so that we will have a fighting chance to get these buckets out of the concrete after it has set!!

By Shaun

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