Nov 082016
Electric Box Wired Up

This morning, we wired up a 4 way socket strip inside the Electric Box with a RCD unit inline, but only after we had to change the supply mains cable from the Garage to another one! We discovered that during a preparative testing phase before connecting up the electricity proper, there was a “leak” between […]

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Nov 072016
Electricity Box Installed

 The wooden box was painted with the bitumen rubber solution yesterday to provide a good rainwater protection, and today, it was installed outside beside the huddle of conduits in where our Utility Room would be. It was screwed down into the concrete using standard wall plugs and 4 screws, and the mains electric conduit cut […]

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Nov 052016
Temporary Electrical Box Constructed

This afternoon, we constructed a wooden box to provide electrical sockets and a place to store a reel of cable, all inside a rain proof cabinet. This cabinet will be located beside the group of conduits and pipes sticking out of the concrete inside what will be the utility room, and we will stick the […]

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Nov 052016

This morning, whilst it rained, we made an automatic pump to extract and remove the rainwater from inside our house footprint. The concrete  is open to the sky so we are collecting all the rainwater that falls down upon us! The pump is located in the sump up next to the Great Room as it is […]

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Nov 042016
Electrical Conduit buried and Cable Threaded

Yesterday and this morning, we buried a conduit around the building site, from the garage at the bottom of the camera pole, all the way to the top of the garden at the wooden barrier at Mount Sod. A 1mm2 twin and earth cable was threaded through using a string, which  was first pulled through […]

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