Sep 262021

After buying the valves last week, we started looking for some of the other things needed for automating the house. The next things are Flow sensors – to measure how much water the motorised valve are letting through. Servo motors – To control how much air is supplied/extracted from each room. Push button switches – […]

Sep 182021

We resumed work on our “Engine Room” within the Utility Room this week by putting on the thick heavy roof to the equipment cupboard. It is three layers of the fermacell boards, making use of left-over pieces where possible especially after we had put on the first layer which was tongue’d and groove’d to stop […]

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Aug 282021

One of the first jobs was to move the existing electricity control board from over beside the window and position it out of the way on the dividing wall between this room and Bedroom Three and reconnect some of the electric cables so they were all out of the way before we could fill in […]

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Aug 242021

With the days drawing in and as each room is completed, less and less daylight is reaching the inner hallways and they are getting gloomier and gloomier plus also part of moving everything out of the Utility Room, sorting out the wiring, we decided that the hallways on the ground floor needed additional temporary lighting […]

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