And this afternoon, while we were waiting for the building inspector to come
to look at our sewage pipes, we rebuilt the boundary fence, between us and
the workshop. We reassembled the 4 fence wooden panels, each being 3metres
long and 1.65 metres high, on top of the original gravel boards(them being
150mm tall and 3 metres long). They were blooming heavy, being reinforced
concrete slabs!

We used 8feet timber posts to support the panels, instead of trying to man
handle the original concrete posts back into the ground, after all, the
posts still had their huge chunks of concrete foundations wrapped around the
bottom of each of them .. and very, very heavy .. so heavy that we would
have needed the mini-digger to lift them!! Far too much effort, and we knew
that this fence was only a temporary fix in the first place. so we used the
3inch round timber posts and screwed the wooden panels on to them using
horizontal pieces of CLS timber to keep it all locked together.



We hope that the posts will survive with the next storm of strong winds and
down pour of rain!!

By Shaun

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