Today, while Shaun is still on light duty as instructed by our nursing team, we have been doing little odd jobs around the site that needed doing. Our temporary (now 9 months old!) tarpaulin cover over the 89mm CLS timber stack needed reinforcing on the wooden struts as the single screw broke in the strong winds last week.
We also patched our temporary (now been 8 years) the felt covering on the wall where the old felt has cracked in several places.

Little Jobs Completed


And after lunch, we did another patch on the roof of this same temporary building (the building itself is about 15 years old!) where a small leak was getting in and making a growing stain on the ceiling inside.
It probably was caused by the wooden little platform (part of the prop that holds up the tarpaulin sun shield) had dented and stressed the fabric of the roofing felt and made a couple of cracks. We heated up the roof surface with a hot air gun to dry it and applied several patches of 100mm wide flashing tape.

Little Jobs Completed


After that, we then tackled the guttering on the bottom of the temporary building roof where it have been blocked for a while now but first, it was the job to cut down a broken branch of ivy, fallen away from the boundary hedge and leaning on our roof.
Little Jobs Completed


Little Jobs Completed


A combination of loppers and sabre saw to cleared that away, before we got on with digging out the bottom of the downpipe from the gutters to find where the blockage is. It turned out to be right at the bottom of the pipe inside the aqua-cell module where we had only a small gap between the cut end of the pipe and the bottom of the crate. We pulled out the pipe and banged out the smelly mush of leaves and gritty silt!! The aqua-cell itself was fine and still empty, thanks goodness for that!
Little Jobs Completed


We put everything back, cleaned the whole length of the guttering and hopefully that will last another couple of years before we will have to clean it again (or dismantle it!!) – Smile!

By Shaun

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