Today, we went outside, all kitted out in thermals and work clothes for the first time in weeks and tackled some jobs around the site that needs to be done.
The first little job was to repair the tarpaulin cover over our stack of 89mm CLS timber where bits of the temporary wooden framework have been pulled apart in the strong winds we had several weeks ago. It also ripped the tarpaulin. But we managed to screw back together the framework again and then reattached the tarpaulin back onto the framework, avoiding the rip.
The second job was to bring in all the rafters that will need the bevel cuts on the ends. We were planning to do those in the afternoon when the daylight fades. These rafters have been sitting outside in the middle of the house under many layers of fresh tarpaulin.
And then after lunch, we removed the broken old plastic fence along the Loke Boundary which had finally been broken by the winds. We replaced the whole section with new wooden posts and a new plastic black meshing too.

Repairs To Tarpaulin Covers Over Timber and Boundary Fence Replaced


The whole length was 30 metres long and we situated a new post (using off cuts of 63mm CLS treated timber) every 5 metres. We dug a hole using our hole digging tool and a narrow spade to make 500mm deep holes to hold the post vertical and bedded down tight.
The last 5 metre section was angled inwards towards our driveway and manhole cover to the sewage system.
We finished quite late as it was getting dark and we felt that was enough for us for our first day of real work again!!
Tomorrow, we will start by installing the long rafters up into the “P” section of the roof and then cut the bevel ends after that.

By Shaun

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