Yesterday and today, we continued with the processing of the set of Fascia Boards that has the 32degree slope on them, and sorted them out to form sets for the five sections of roof that are the same angle. These are the “A”, “E” (along the front of the building), “G” (the short sticking out bit on the right hand side of the Side door porch) and finally the “I” and “M” (along the back). The outside corners all have the 22.5degree mitre cuts (all of them except “M” as it is completely an inside job!). and all the intermediate planks have a biscuit joint to help align the faces together. We also had to join pieces together using a multi-finger tongue and groove joint to extend the last board arriving into the inner corners (where the downpipe channels are situated).
We had the “A” and “P” section of the rafters all ready for mounting up the Fascia boards so we took these two sets out and gave it a test run.

Fascia Boards For 32degree Roof Sections Processed


Fascia Boards For 32degree Roof Sections Processed


We started at the outside corner and positioned the first planks from both “A” and “P” plus the 150mm wide 45degree angled piece and joined them together so all was aligned. We then continued along the “A” putting up pieces and all is fine. Because it was looking good, we decided that we could do the next step of using our drilling template and make the clearance holes in these Fascia boards and screw down the top hole only to keep it all secured.
Tomorrow, we will finish off the last plank on the “A” section and then start work on sorting out the “C” section (Front Porch) and have that ready so we can do these outside corners for both BC and CD, which in turn, will allow us to put up “B” and “D” Fascia plus also the “E” section too! It is coming along! Hurrah!!

By Shaun

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