Yesterday and today, we carried on processing the Fascia boards, sorting out the pile of Oak pieces, taking off the bad ends, adjusting lengths for outside corners, slicing bevel ends, cutting biscuits joints and sanding down rough patches. We got sorted enough pieces so we could tongue and groove several lengths ready for the “C” section of the roof as well for the “N” section too.
So after lunch today, we took out the pieces for us to mount up the Fascia board for “B”, “C” (along the Front Porch) and “D” (the two sides of the porch). We started on the two outside corners first, getting the little 45degree angled block positioned into place connected up to the two long sides, which allowed us to chop off the complicated angled slopes coming off the Fascia boards. Then eventually getting the whole “C” section up and screwed into place.

Fascia Boards Progresses Around the House


Fascia Boards Progresses Around the House


We are making quite good progress and we have almost finished sorting and processing the Oak Fascia pieces and the remaining job of mounting the Fascia will go quicker. On Monday, we will try and put up one of our Downpipe Channels to see how that will go in and what adjustments to our technique we may have to do. We Will See!!

By Shaun

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