Jun 122018

Yesterday we tackled the job of installing one of our Downpipe Channels for the first time, now that we have up enough Fascia board. The “AB” corner was our designated target. After careful positioning of the channel module, from below and then from above, and double checking gaps between pencil marks etc., we then proceeded to hand saw the end of the rafter and the Fascia timber itself, at the required 45degree angle and ended up with a gap of 160mm wide. The Down Downpipe Channel fitted nice and neat – thank goodness!

Downpipe Channels Installed and Side Porch Fascia Mounted


Downpipe Channels Installed and Side Porch Fascia Mounted


We then screwed the back of it, to secure it onto the wall and with that extra support, we could then sawed the excess material off the vertical walls of the channel as they were protruding above the slope of the roof.

Then we mounted up the “E” section of the Fascia boards, as usual, starting at the outside corner (part of the Side Door Porch) and positioning and screwing up the two and half pieces to form the “E” section.
Today, first of all, we cut joined several pieces together in the “F” section by the usual tongue and groove joint, all glued up and drying, while we went outside to do the next Downpipe Channel module, this time for the “DE” corner (the other side of the Front Door Porch) and got that fitted in with a similar method as for the previous module.

Then we carried on with the “F” portion of the roof (the Side Door Porch), now that the glue was set and cleaned up, and around the right end, this being the “G” bit of the Fascia. These two sections were drilled and screwed into place, including the two outside 45degree corners too.
The last job of the day was to fit the next Downpipe Channel, which is a straight one coming along from the “G” section. It was a complicated joint to fit the module again against the Fascia board but also making sure it had the required slope and clearance for the downpipe connections as well.

Downpipe Channels Installed and Side Porch Fascia Mounted


Downpipe Channels Installed and Side Porch Fascia Mounted


Tomorrow, we will continue the circuit of the house with the “H” section to do next and then “I” and so on.

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