Mar 032020

The man with the tank, the same lorry and man as last year, came this morning. We attached a piece of 68mm diameter plastic drain pipe on to the massive end of his flexible rubber hose, because his hose has a huge metal coupling unit that is far too big to get pass various internal structural elements inside the septic tank. We started doing this last year and did the same this year as well, and managed to remove almost all the “rubbish”, right down to the bottom of the pointy depths of the tank.
We then blasted the upper chamber with our garden hose but it wasn’t very messy anyway which is good, and then we washed out the output inspection man-hole chamber (which is painted white at the bottom for easy comparisons and spotting of murky conditions) and flushed quantity of water down and into the leach field pipework.

Annual Empty of Septic Tank with general tidy up


The conclusions for this year is that the tank held up much better and didn’t suffer from large foaming events in the last 12 months and we got the cycle time for the clean-out operation about right. When, in several years, we have moved into our new house, we will have a working kitchen with its own rubbish collection chamber to catch the food stuff we put down the sink, this will reduce the large quantity of “solids” going into the septic tank, and we can reduce the frequency of the septic tank servicing task – Phew!!

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