Apr 092020

On Thursday, we had noticed that the old roofing felt on the Garden Shed was loose and flapping about and this prompted us to decide that we ought to finish the job we started 6 months ago when we recovered all our temporary building roofs with brand new felt last year (the original felt was installed in 2012!).
So we spend the morning and a couple of hours after lunch in laying on five new full sized strips and two narrow strips, all glued with bitumen horrible sticky stuff!!
We also straightened up the guttering by jamming in a couple pieces of wood so the rain water will flow along the gutters instead of tipping out the side.

Garden Shed Finally Gets its Roof Repaired!


This will probably be the last time we deal with the roof as the life time of the felt is five years and we hope to have the house all finished by then!! Cross Fingers!!

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