Feb 122018

Today, Monday, we resumed the task of quantifying our Oak timber and moving each plank around to our made-for-purpose storage rack. We did some sorting on Saturday but only for the morning before the rain came at lunch time. And this afternoon, instead of carrying on with this task, we decided to get our odd […]

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Feb 072018

This afternoon, in the middle of our lunch hour (about 1:30pm), the Oak Timber arrived!! There were ten packs in total, in four stacks  on the back of the lorry. Also, on the back of the lorry, was a fork-lift truck which came down two steep ramps off the end! We were lucky that the […]

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Jan 042018

We finalised and double checked our Oak Timber quantity and got a final quote from the timber merchant today. The major difficulty we have is that the large quantity of the Oak timber, amassing to 6 cubic metres or about 5 tons of timber, needed some means of being off-loaded from the delivery truck and […]

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Dec 112017

The last few days, while Shaun recovers from a Back Muscles Twinge injury, we have been surveying for all the Oak timber we would need for the external features of the house (and garage). We do need to do this task anyway soon, as we are nearing the completion of building the roof structure and […]

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Apr 042017

Early this morning, the last of our building material arrives! At 8:51am, the lorry came reversing down our Loke, loaded with all our timber planks! They were: 4 large pallets of 63mm CLS treated timber (2 pallets) and 89mm CLS treated timber (another 2 pallets).   Plus also delivered loosely, 20 lengths of the 150mm […]

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Mar 302017

This afternoon, the cement boards, 70 sheets of 10mm thick by 2400mm x 1200mm, arrived and unloaded onto another prepared patch of ground. In fact, we counted 73 sheets! It seems that the manufacturer provides sacrificial boards on the bottom and top of the pallet. We had one and a half pallets so that meant […]

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