Our Glass Wool insulation we ordered last week has arrived today. The delivery truck parked in our local Tesco Express (after asking the staff inside the shop for permissions) and came down to confirm that we were expecting this order. There were three pallets plus two loose packets. But fortunately, he had his own diesel powered fork-lift truck onboard so all we needed to do was to bring our medium trolley to collect the two odd packets.

So in our delivery, we received ..

  • 24 rolls of 200mm thick
  • 12 rolls of 150mm thick
  • 8 rolls of 100mm thick

The driver placed the three pallets on our driveway and then we dismantled the pallets to move the packets (they had four rolls in a packet) into our house and parked them in our hall way where our planned stairs will be one day.

Glass Wool for External Walls Delivered


This material is to be used in finish filling up the external wall cavity to both provide some extra sound absorbing effect and fire protection for our Polyurethane foam boards already in the walls. The different thicknesses were available because the amount of volume varies, with a range of 150mm to 200mm space in the upper section and 100mm gap on the lower half of the walls.

By Shaun

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