We continued the task of putting up reinforced wall posts for the hanging toilets for the cloakroom and for the en-suite of Bedroom 3 where we had to put down an additional footplate inside the knick-knack cupboard, to allow for a box to be built around the back of the toilet pipework and the sewage pipe going down into the concrete. We put another one of our homemade I-Beam element, but a shortened one.

Then we resumed putting up a forest of posts all around the remaining Ground Floor walls including the cloakroom, linen cupboard (where we put in a double post to support an extra wooden lintel over the doorway), the en-suites and finishing off Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 1.
Another section that had to be done was in the Great Room entrance way. This point is between the steel legs of the Skylight and it has a large C shaped steel beam (designed to hold up the first floor going over this doorway) and we needed to glue a couple of pieces of timber to the top and bottom flanges. The top one is an ordinary CLS timber plank, a 89mm wide piece but planed down from 38mm thick to 33mm thick to match up with the actual joist support level. The bottom flange however wanted to be a much wider piece, about 200mm in actual fact so we used our 18mm OSB boards and cut off two strips. We glued them together to form a 36mm thick planks and then glued this up on the bottom flange of the steel beam, all clamped overnight to dry and cure. After that, we could install the last set of posts for the ground floor, this time, the edges of the sliding door cavity
Then the final job was to lay on the two levels of top-plate CLS timber to tie all the posts together, to tie all the walls together and create a another solid set of rooms.

To conclude this stage of the operation of building the Ground Floor walls structure, we put on the second layer CLS timber pieces all the way around on the external walls and added a third layer across the doorway and window in our Utility Room because these have a major load from the First Floor Joists.

We finished the week by tidying up all the pieces of cut-offs, the tools and preservative liquid, to make the place ready for the next task. That is probably be installing conduits through our external walls so we can easily feed additional cables etc. from inside to outside when we need lighting or speakers etc outside.

By Shaun

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