Apr 112016
All 420 Concrete Blocks Moved!

Today, we finished off moving the concrete blocks, all 420, yes all four hundred and twenty concrete blocks on 7 pallets. These are the narrow 140mm hollow blocks and we moved them all over to our swimming lane to serve as support piles for holding stacks of OSB sheets and the CLS timbers as well. […]

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Apr 082016
Tidy Up After Wall Building!

This afternoon, we started the tidy up process. We have finished building the walls of the swimming lane, as part of this stage of construction goes. We are now using the excellent space for storage and we are re-organising the site to move various items around. Like for example, all the concrete blocks we got […]

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Jun 222013

We have been tidying up the whole site ready for the start of phase 3 – the construction of the main house. The site clearance operation has been seeing various old piles of bricks (clay house bricks) being moved and soon the plants too! We will have a bonfire to get rid of materials like […]

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Jun 122013

The new raised Flower Bed is finally completed today. The Octagonal shaped constructed of dry bricks (without cement), a mixture of concrete driveway bricks and standard clay bricks. There are 7 layers all together. It is about 10 square metre of bedding, surrounding the lid of the spectic tank and air vent pipe. This flower […]

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Jun 142012
Waste disposal

Another of those inevitable expenses involved in demolition work is disposing of the waste. Now that the demolition is complete we have to get rid of all the waste. There is a lot of brick and concrete rubble and some general waste like carpets and other rubbish. The costs are not insignificant, a large skip […]

Feb 252012
Shed Moved and Bloated!

The shed has been successfully moved to its new location. We have bloated it up by adding two more 4feet wide (8feeet high) panels to the side walls to extend it from 2.2metres to 4.6metres. The other dimension remains the same at 3.6metres wide. This change in size gave us a major boost in storage […]

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