Jul 292016

 This evening, we had a short sharp heavy rain shower lasting only for 15 minutes or so and we had about 20mm of rain land on us! Generally, our new improved defences are working much better, but only just! The Loke rushed down and pooled at the bottom and got within an inch of our […]

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Jul 122016
Another flood and Energy Module Number 4 Rises!

We had another very heavy thunderstorm that dropped nearly an inch of rain in a matter of minutes (about 15 minutes in all)!! The protection we have installed to stop the workshop ground water worked just fine and also the barrier on the Loke also worked. But only by diverting the rainwater to the other […]

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Jul 082016

 This morning saw quite a lot of rain come down and we didn’t fancy working out there in the wet stuff! But it looks like it has cleared up for the afternoon so we will resume work after lunch.

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Jun 232016
Rain Stops Work on Repair of Module Number 3

It has been raining quite heavily all day so far and it is not nice out there. Our half completed repair work on Module Number 3 is sitting there gaining water in the bottom of the open tank! We have about an inch of water so far and we will have to put on our […]

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Jun 172016

 Today, we attempted to block off the rain water spillage coming from the workshop. See the little movie of the “river” gushing out of their workshop area (river starts at 12:24 and lasts for over half an hour!). As you can see what damage their water has caused! So we decided to mount a barrier […]

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Jun 162016

 We were driven in by a sudden rain shower! it was very heavy and we have already 8mm of rain in just the 20 minutes we had so far as I write this! Phew! Let’s hope that we don’t get another flood like Monday!  

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Jun 132016
Latest News: Number Three Module Has Risen!

 Oh My! The buried energy module, Number 3 – our largest one we have done so far, has risen!! The rain we had today, plus the little we had yesterday, making about 25 mm of rain overall, has caused another flood to gush off from the workshop and the Loke from our neighbours, combined with […]

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May 312016
Minor Flood Number 2 Stops Play!

Last night, we had well over 40mm (1½ inches) of rain in about 6 hours. There is lots of puddles everywhere! But as usual, the workshop caused another flood! Again it etched away the soil and managed to get under the fence and run downhill into our area. We will have to put up an […]

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Apr 132016

At 4pm this afternoon, we had a lovely big thunderstorm roll over us and interrupted our work. We did wonder if it would miss us entirely as we could see the dirty black cloud off West of us and it was rolling Northwards, shouting at us with lots of deep booming angry crashes! But alas, […]

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