The work continues with the Sewage Processor installation and its connections!

Day 3 – Tuesday 13th July

Started with the concrete mixing to bed down the processor unit but didn’t get much done before the cement mixer broke down!

Day 4 – Thursday 15th July

With the repaired cement mixre, we finished off the concrete footings for the processor unit, and then filled up with gravel. We put in a black 110mm diameter pipe to act as the air vent as well as a high visibility warning to stop anyone accidentily driving over the tank!. We also discovered that the extension collar doesn’t fit the top of the processing unit!!

Day 5 – Friday16th July

We strengthened the black pipe to make sure it cannot be accidentily pulled out and dumping loads of soil into our leach field. We then cut the trench from the sewage unit back up the garden (this sewage line is the kitchen and cloakroom or will be when the house is built!), put in tons of gravel as bedding, installed the manhole service chamber and the first 3metre pipe segment!trech for first sewage pipethe inspection chamber next to the processor

What’s Next.. ..?!

By Shaun

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