The Ground Work now commences for the Garage! We are putting in a Mass Wall foundation to hold back the soil and stabilise the concrete fence posts.

Day 1 – Saturday 24th July

Finished clearing the area. Recycled old timber (2 by 2s) and shelves to make moulds to create the segments for fixing the fence posts. They are elongated hexagon shapes 775mm wide by 300mm thick and 775mm deep (of which 325mm is visible above ground and 450mm buried down to the frost free zone).Showing the shape of the forms

Day 2 – Sunday 25th July

Finished the other 2 moulds. Started with Posts G1, G4 and G7 (numbered from the shed to the compost heap) to dig out the soil for placing the moulds in.

 Form in place around a fence post

Mixed up just over 5 bags of cement and heaps of ballast to make the concrete and poured it in the three moulds!

Form filled with concrete

We will wait and see if we can get the moulds off later when concrete is set!!

By Shaun

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