The Garden Room is at last, has all its holes, cracks, joints, corners and dents filled in with filler. We have been using two different sort of filler, we decided to try professional Polyfilla and discovered that it stays soft much longer and it is also much easier to rub down afterwards. The other filler is a much cheaper bulk filler from the Fermacell people. Their filler is much much harder and it sets in next to no time (well 30 to 45 minutes!) compared with 4 hours for Polyfilla! The Polyfilla is more than twice as expensive but it offers much easier work of filling in and rubbing the staple holes!

All the corners are rounded off and the walls to the ceiling and light channels are also rounded off, by using a 15mm plastic pipe as the “curve” to draw along the wet filler. It has come out very nicely!

GR - Ready to paint

GR - Ready to paint

We also put up the cistern for the WC toilet as the final pieces of the Fermacell needed to go up and rounded off. The rectangular box is mounted high up the wall, is a permanent structure with a little lid for servicing. The flush push button works or at least the pump (air) causes the valve to lift up and hopefully release the future water that will be in the cistern! We hope! And all the pipes are concealed inside the wall so no going back! Gulp!

By Shaun

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