We continue to route and connect pipes together in and around the hot water tank corner. We made a drain valve connection with a piece of hose pipe and sealed it into the waste pipe. And also along side this hose pipe is a duplicate one which goes off to the heat exchanger to drain away any condensation collected inside the air conditioning system.

We discovered that the motorised 3-way valve is very simple and doesn?t do what we want. We need a proper diverter to change the flow of water from one output to the other output 100%. The one we bought (costing over £70!) only shut off one output on demand but never shuts off the second output therefore the water will flow out of both outputs. We got our money back!

The final little task today was to put a kink into two copper pipes to allow them to travel up the side of the hot tank and avoid each other! The high temperature insulation was wrapped on.

By Shaun

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