We started running and leaving on the extraction fan for drawing air down and through the Earth Tubes to see how far the temperature will go (up or down) or stabilised. We switched on yesterday with a temperature reading at 21 degrees Celsius and cleared the Min/Max memory feature on the temperature sensor. The probe is inside the air con unit just before the input end of the fan. This means that the air comes up out of the Earth Tubes and travels along the concrete floor slab quite a fair distance before reaching the fan and the probe. There will be quite a significant thermal mass stored in the concrete itself. We will see if the temperature goes down overnight.

– – – Next Day — –

Today’s temperature reading is now 17.4 degrees Celsius and the Min/Max recorded values were 17.1 and 20.0 respectively. The outside temperature was recorded to have dropped down to 10 degrees Celsius. So at least one thing is working already and that is the outside air temperature and its variations is being removed!

We have reset the Min/Max again this evening.

By Shaun

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