After two days of rest to recover from the hectic episode of getting the
ready-mixed concrete in, we today, went out to cut slots in the slab to
“guide” cracks caused by the contraction of the drying and curing concrete.

The basic formula is 30mm for every 1mm thickness of the slab, which in our
case, the slab being 100mm thick, means that a series of slots is needed
every 3metres, so we cut 8 slots in total. We used a diamond coated cutting
disc (250mm diameter) in an angle grinder machine and cut 25mm deep slots.

Then we dismantled the framework that was holding the reinforcing rods in
place and put bright “lime” green domes on the ends of the sticking up steel
rods to protect us from potential accidents of falling over and piercing our
bodies right through, nasty or what!!

We now have an “avenue” of green “flowers” on steel stalks!!

By Shaun

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