It was a lovely sunny day on this Sunday, to complete the 1st row of the
front wall of the swimming lane. We took four and half hours to do the
remaining 19 concrete hollow blocks. It went very well, laying the block
nice and evenly, even though we discovered that a fair number of the steel
reinforcing bars sticking up out of the foundation slab were “out of
position” and we had to bend some of them right over and chip a bit off the
bottom of the blocks to make them fit!!



But now we have a nice level line to work upon tomorrow and it should go
faster with the 2nd row.

Something to note, we discovered that we had rain overnight and there was
some standing water in our swimming lane! This means that we are going to
get our swimming lane sooner than we expected, if we get a real heavy
thunderstorm blast of rain! At least, the ants will enjoy the swimming

By Shaun

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