With our early start this morning, we managed to finish off the 2nd row of
the front wall before we had to stop for other tasks and commitments. A 9am
start saw us doing the final 16 blocks before 12:30pm, which also included
the delay of our mortar guide breaking apart under the strain of having done
over 400 blocks! It was a half an hour quick and nasty repair job to get
going again and finish off the final 6 blocks!!



Stephen improved the design in the afternoon, to make it stronger and also
more flexible as we will be switching over to the narrow 140mm blocks soon,
and there is another 570 blocks of those to do too!!!

So we just got another 50 blocks of the fat 215mm blocks to do and then we
look at doing one row of the narrow blocks for the 4th row.

By Shaun

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