Today, we tackled a bigger problem with the overhanging roof section along the front of the temporary living quarters, especially over our front door! The wooden sheets that makes up the roofing structure has disintegrated in two particular sections. One larger one over the aforementioned front door overhang, and a much smaller section half way along the roof line. It is another example of the original roofing felt failing under the onslaught of the sun and allowing the water to get in and rot the wood underneath.

We had to saw away a large section to get back to reasonable sound quality wood and replace it with a new fresh piece of a 11mm OSB board. That was a piece measuring 4 feet wide by 20 inches deep. The smaller section was only 2 feet wide by a foot deep.

Then, we replaced the disintegrated roof felt on the front edge with fresh stuff, sliding it under the next strip up the roof and lining it up so it is just hanging over the guttering.



We then used 3mm wire to make little clips to fold over the trailing edge of the felt and anchoring it down to stop it flapping in any winds. We nailed the overlapping joint as usual, but the wood is wet and soft so we had to use the wire clips to secure the trailing edge, and we hope it will stay put! We may have to screw down short but regular batten strips (screwing into the chunky facia board) if we find the metal clips are not holding well enough.

By Shaun

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