Mar 232021

This afternoon, after we had the final delivery of CLS timber, we proceeded to put up the new replacement temporary fencing along the Loke, in front of the house. We are fed up of using the cheap recycled plastic fencing (it keeps splitting and it very brittle, this one only lasted 3 years but we had already replaced a section a year or so ago and it was very unsightly for the last six months anyway). So we decided to use steel wire mesh and in keeping with its short term need for this type of fencing, we bought chicken mesh wire, coated in green PVC plastic, rather than the more expensive and traditional wire chain-linked type. The hexagon pattern is quite large, at 50mm but it should do the job and keep things looking much neater and nicer too.

Replaced Loke's Fence with New Green Chicken Wire Mesh


We had to rearrange and insert more frequent posts to help support the wobbly thinner material of this chicken mesh but hopefully, it will do the job for the next couple of years or five!

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