This morning, while catching a spell of dry and sunny weather, we decided to move in some of our plasterboard like material which is called Fermacell. We are reaching a point where we need to start fixing the final finishing layer all over the “ceiling” in our Great Room so here was the Opportunity.
Each fermacell sheet measures 2400mm by 1200mm and 10mm thick and every separate sheet weighs 35kg each! We got our large flatbed trolley, pumped up all the tyres, put on some 11mm left-over pieces of OSB to protect the clean fermacell sheets from any dirt and dampness and rolled up to our stack of pallets we got stored outside under lots and lots of tarpaulin.
We uncovered the front stack which revealed that we have two pallets sitting there, each one having sixty sheets so that was our target. The label says that these sheets were manufactured in February 2022 and that a pallet weighs 2.1tons!!
It was satisfying that there were many layers of protective plastic covering each pallets, even a heat-shrunk layer as well. So the fermacell was nice and dry.
So we offloaded 20 sheets, weighing “only” 700kg, thinking that the trolley can take it. we push and pulled the trolley but were struggling to roll it all the way to the front door of our house. It was at this point that we noticed one of the tyres was completely flat!! No wonder it was hard work!!
(no photo because we didn’t think of it!)
So we proceeded to unload these sheets stand them upright, leaning against sections of our hallways downstairs. We put some outside our Linen cupboard and also on the opposite wall across the Bathroom doorway as well.
This freed up the trolley so the next hour was spent repaired the tyre and putting in a new “old” inner tube. We think that the hole where the valve comes through the metal rim of the wheel is the cause of the damage to the inner tube. We cleaned up the hole and put on extra layers of protective rubber patches around the valve and got back a working tyre again. Don’t know how long it will last but long enough for doing this job today!!
For the rest of moving the sheets, we went back and forth twice more with thirteen sheets and the last run had fourteen sheets. We unloaded them and built up a third pile alongside the Entertainment Room.
Fermacell stacked downstairs

Fermacell stacked downstairs

We rewrapped the remaining pallets, leaving behind the wooden pallet to help protect the rest and pulled our tarpaulin back over again, putting back the OSB sheet on top of the plastic, to stop claws from birds from punching holes!
Empty Pallete

Empty Pallete

These sixty sheets will go a long way to cover the ceiling, plus also a lot of the walls in our Great Room so that will keep us busy for a while!

By Shaun

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