Oct 312011

We were today making some furniture for the bedrooms. In bedroom 3 will have a new computer work area and bedroom 2 will have a new bed base (replacing a forty year old bed). The books are slowly filling up the shelves! Bedroom 1 is almost full!

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Oct 292011
Shelves for Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 now has it book shelves installed. 11We have added an extra line of shelves so there are now 18 shelves all together. The bottom line will only serve as an odd and ends shelf as it lines up with the base platform level of the bed frame. Each shelf is 1145mm (3feet and […]

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Oct 272011
Thermometer Probes for Controlling the Home Environment

the Home environment needs controlling to maintain efficiency and best use of the resources so thermometer probes are needed to find out what the air con unit is doing so it can be controlled as well as room temperature. These probes are digital, producing a temperature reading in 9bits to provide a reading between -50 […]

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Oct 262011
Shelves For Bedrooms

We pulled out all the old Melamine white shelving we rescued from our old shop fittings and sorted out the best ones for putting into our new bedrooms. They were a collection of 6inch, 9inch and 15inch both white and brown. We had decided on a shelf depth of 6inches for all our sehlves. This […]

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Oct 262011
Carpets All Cleaned!

This morning we hired a heavy duty carpet cleaner from B&Q. It is an upright all-in-one hoover, pressure washer and vibrator machine! The red carpet in bedroom 3 came up with the most dramatic improvements! Bedroom 2 the brown one, was fairly clean already and bedroom 1, the gold bronze, was medium dirty. All three […]

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Oct 252011
Carpets all finished

The underlay came today (ungodly hour of 7:10am this morning!) so that was good! We proceeded to cover the floors in all four rooms with this polyurethane 8mm thick foam costing just £1 per square metre, with a manufacturer’s claim of 5 years of life. The lounge was the most fiddly to do as it […]

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