We pulled out all the old Melamine white shelving we rescued from our old shop fittings and sorted out the best ones for putting into our new bedrooms.
They were a collection of 6inch, 9inch and 15inch both white and brown.

We had decided on a shelf depth of 6inches for all our sehlves. This is deep enough for paperback, hardback books, audio books and some small trays!

We needed 42 lengths of approximately 1.2metres each split into the following sets .

Bedroom 1 : two columns of 8 shelves = 16 shelves
Bedroom 2 : two columns of 6 shelves = 12 shelves
Bedroom 3 : two columns of 7 shelves = 14 shelves

Each bedroom has three vertical uprights (left, middle and right) to fix the shelves to. We have recycled really old brown flake boards (very early version of OSB)!

Hopefully all these shelves will hold our library of old books – really old paperback books- hundreds of them!!

By Shaun

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