Day 10 – Friday 20th August

Down into hell again, well the pit is very hot when the sun shines… Started by repairing the frame holding the exit pipes as it had blown over and snapped the light framing. After repairs we fixed the pipes in place ready for connection.

Then we moved the sand from the shed side of the hole ready for the first pipe. We then ran the plate compactor along the cleared section and a number of sections of the wall slumped down (one nearly buried the compactor)! More digging…

We will start by installing all 12 tubes upto the point where they would bend towards the house, this is 2 pipe lengths (12m).

In the end the first earth tube was installed and the space between it and the wall filled up to the top of the pipe.
shows the first earth tube installed

We then spent time cleaning the compactor.

By Stephen

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