Day 18 – Saturday 28th August

Continued to cover the earth tubes with more sand by moving the excess from the right of the L. But while compacting the fill a LARGE section of the back wall collapsed (It had not collapsed at all before even while digging out). It took hours to remove by hand.

all the stuff behind the pipesstuff cleared out

We finished the day with all the sand distributed around ready for the heat pump pipes.

sand in the Lsand in the main area

Day 1 – Sunday 29th August

Installing pipes for Heat pump.

Started the installation of the heat-pump pipes by labeling them 1-6 for future connections. Then bundled them up for the first 4.5m (to connect to the house) and attached them to the righthand earth tube. Started to lay them out in the trench and the rain came again!! Oh well we can watch the Grand Prix guilt free…

end of day 20

By Stephen

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