We need to connect the new house to the services (Electricity, Water & Phone). Currently these all come to the old house and will need to be diverted. The phone is overhead and will need to be routed underground as the overhead path intersects the new house so is not practical.

We will take all of them to the garage to use while living there, and the power and phone will be connected back to the main house later. A T junction in the water main will supply water for the house.

A trench will be cut just inside the boundary with Smiths Loke from the current pedestrian entrance (water meter), past the telegraph pole (opposite side loke via a side trench), then pick up the power and run down the plot to before the corner of the new house then turn crossing the corner of the utility room and then to the garage.

All the connections will be in conduits except cold water which is just laid in the trench.

We will install these connections between the garage and the house.

Connection Pipe / Cables Conduit Notes
1. Mains electricity 25mm2 cables 50mm Placed opposite side of trench from data cables
2. Rain water pumped from tank under garage 32mm Polythene pipe Submerged pump in bottom of tank rated up to 7000litres per hour and 8m of head
3. Rain water back from header tank in house 32mm polythene pipe Header tank will automatically be topped up with mains water if lack of rain
4. Insulated pipes (two) for solar heat transfer 22mm PEX Barrier pipes Inside the 150mm pipes rolled in ordinary glass fibre wool insulation (just enough for minimal heat loss during the 5 minutes transfer
5. Compressed Air 22mm PEX Barrier pipe inside the 150mm 8bar (maximum) Compresser in Garage
6. Low voltage cables CAT 5e cables 50mm Network, Telephone and other signal lines
7. Central Vacuum System 50mm Cleaning Tasks in the Garage and Garden Room
8. Nothing 50mm Future Expansion

By Stephen

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