We have constructed the back wall of our garage. It is still lying flat on the floor slab at the moment as we are still waiting for the delivery of the cement boards! All the joints and the OSB panels were glued and nailed together in a few hours (about 5 all together). We hope to reduce this on future walls when we employ our new glue dispensing machine! We have calculated that this wall will weigh about 300kg (660lbs) and we are planning to slide it up to the top of the mass wall up wooden slopes using the old fashioned block and tackle method. We have ordered a roll of rope and twin pulleys blocks to give us a 4 to 1 ratio pulling power!

We just hope that the cement boards will come soon! Or there will be lots of grinding teeth noises!

When we finished the wall construction @ 19:15Back Wall done @19:15 we realised we couldn’t close the shed door! So we had to push hard to slew the door round enough… Then we covered it in plastic to keep our hard work dry.

By Shaun

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