With the ramps ready it was time to start moving the wall into position to be lifted upright. We have bought a few sets of double pulley blocks and lots of rope! We fixed one block to the bottom of the wall at each side and the another block to the mass wall to each side. Once the rope was threaded through the pulleys we started to pull… and got nowhere! There was too much friction between the wall and the concrete. So we propped the all up again and slid four lengths of smooth timber under the wall in line with the ramps. Having lowered the wall we tried again … success the wall moves!

It still was not easy but we continued until the wall was nearly to the top of the ramps. Then we decided to stop for the day as it was now too dark for the web-cam to record time-lapse images.

BW - Moved halfwayBW - Moved halfway

By Stephen

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