Today we sawn 22 more noggins made from our stock of “spare” 63mm by 38mm CLS timber , to brace the middle part of the iBeams over the front portion of the garage. These were diagonally fitted to create a triangle structure to stop the roof sheering sideways. The whole roof now has four separate points of structural bracing to support the roof; front, middle, middle and back.

Next we prepared 32 sheets of the 18mm OSB boards by cutting a finger joint in all edges except the outer most edge where the roof overhangs the walls. We generated at least 30litres (one large tub) of sawdust!

It was quite difficult to get the finger joint to be exactly in the correct position as we discovered that the OSB boards vary in thickness! We have managed to keep the “offset” down to approximately 1mm!

By Shaun

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