Our temporary fixing of the rubber material has proved troublesome during rain showers, we have had too many little leaks coming down the back wall and spilling into the air holes for the rafters. We decided to put up and fix down the 45 degree sloped flange along the back edge of the roof and then mount a wide 180mm (just over 7inches) Oak plank the facia hanging down from the roof.

Rear upstand and Facia

Rear upstand and Facia

The rain will now gush off to the sides of the roof for now and not straight off the middle of the roof and trickle down the back wall!

As soon as we get another series of good dry days and warm too then we will be back on the roof to finish it off properly, preparing and gluing the rubber material down all over the roof.

It is the first time we have used our supply of Oak Planks, we pulled out 4 pieces of 6 feet lengths and 1 x 8 foot length which were all very similar in width. We sanded one face and the edges to take off the worse of the rough sawn surfaces and put them up untreated and in their full thickness of over an inch! Nice and solid!

By Shaun

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