We have designed our shower cubicle, a free standing unit to sit in the Garden Room as a temporary module while we live out of the way of the main house being (or will be) built!

We started the implementation by slicing up 5 sheets OSB boards for the box like floor standing cabinet, approximately 1metre (3¼ feet) square and 2metres (6½ feet)high. It will have to built-in down lighters, a set of wire rack shelves on the back wall alongside the shower unit itself and a pull across curtains. The shower tray will be 150mm (6inches) up off the floor which is slightly sloping down to the back and tilting right to left to where the drain hole is located. Under the tray is a heat recycling system where the hot waste water is guided along slim channels made of copper, zigzagging back and forth many times with hopefully will allow enough time for the cold water, coming through in own 15mm copper pipe soldered underneath the copper base, to collect the heat and warm up the cold water and send it back into the shower! We don?t know what kind of performance we will get, we will have several thermometers placed in and around on the copper plate to measure the temperature of the waste water going down the drain hole and the temperature of the incoming cold water. All the data will be collected and stored on the computer for further analysis and we can make adjustments to the angle of the heat exchanger etc.

By Shaun

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