The electrician we asked to come, arrived this morning, to see, to talk and check our electrics.

It was a very informative visit, really appreciating his expert knowledge and advice. He took a look at our Utility Rail with our modular design, pleased to see that the data cables were kept apart but also mentioned that it is not usual to use wood as the material for conduits. He would like to see metal boxes for each socket and switch. He said that the wiring at the consumer unit was neat and tidy. There were issues with our lighting channel in the garage as well. We promised to solve these issues.

We talked about certificates and discussed the issue of how the wording of the certificate would states that “this electrician” performed the work and certified that it is correct and working. But with us he didn’t do the work so how can he certify it? He mentioned a possible solution by providing an periodic inspection certificate. I think this performs the same tests but does not state who did the actual work.

But he has agreed that he will be willing to issue a certificate for the consumer unit and will be here when the meter is moved. We contacted EDF (It’s changed its name to UKPower now) to arrange the switch over and it will be in 3 weeks time on the 21st November 2011 in the afternoon!

This means we had better get a move on with us moving out of the old place then!!

By Shaun

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