Today, after a couple of weeks delay while we waited for the concrete in the
back “retaining” wall, to cure and gain proficient strength, we released the
shored up soil of the land stretching across to our neighbours (the workshop
and a row of houses).

We inserted a sheet of DPM plastic to minimise the chances of wet dirty soil
from getting through our back wall and creating problems in the future,
hidden behind the fibre glass resin coating.

All the diagonal struts were proven to done a good job, because as we
removed them, the boards and posts leaned over under the weight of the soil
behind them. But we had mostly filled the gap between the concrete wall and
the OSB boards so the whole thing wouldn’t suddenly collapse and potentially
disturb the neighbour’s fence posts and panels!!

But we had problems removing the OSB sheets as they were too firmly held in.
We tried pulling them out using the mini-digger and rope, but the rope
sliced it way through the OSB! Wow! So we decided to leave them there as
mementoes and for ‘Timeteam’ to discover in some future archaeological dig!



Now we can finish off the 6th row and put on an end cap at the mass wall to
retain the soil from spilling out near the garage.

By Shaun

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