This afternoon, we looked at our requirement of installing temperature
sensors around each Energy Module. But we don’t have the actual temperature
probes or wires yet, so we need narrow pipes to act as conduits for sliding
these temperature sensors in later on. So we have ordered some narrow
20mm diameter polyethylene pipes and we will cut various lengths and bury them in
the ground around each module plus also some under the modules too. Then later
on we can slide in the wires with the temperature probes soldered on the
wire at the calculated points so we can take measurements and record
progress of how well (or badly) the energy module is performing.

So this afternoon, we have been experimenting with ways to seal off the cut
ends to stop water and dirt getting in and also providing a “end stop” for
the process of sliding in the temperature sensors in. we discovered that
polyethylene, when heated with a small gas flame, will melt quite easily and
we just squashed the end in a vice to fused the end into one solid sealed lump. It worked out very nicely after all.



We will install the temperature probes on a stiff wire and then put a cotton
ball or padded disc between each sensor to keep the air from circulating
which might interfere with their neighboring temperature chips and ruin our
data logging abilities and learning what is happening down there with the

By Shaun

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