This morning, we started on our “Number 4” Energy Module. It is our smallest one at “only” 2 meters by 1.5 meters for the water tank itself and the hole we dug is over 3 meters by 2.5 meters wide but it is 1.7 meters deep! We had some problems with slippage where one of the walls kept breaking away and slipping down into the hole. This perhaps was because we have dug an extra 500 mm deeper to allow for more layers of insulation boards, so this perhaps is making the walls having to cope with higher sides, but also we had rain during the night and that had softened the ground too.

We got most of the sandy soil out when we stopped for lunch.



This module is our primary “large” hot water tank that has the hottest water from the solar array and also would receive any “compressed” heat during the cheap overnight electricity hours by taking low temperature water from other tanks and topping up this primary tank.

By Shaun

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