Also today, we started filling up the existing and completed Energy Modules (number 1 and Number 2) to make sure we don’t suffer from another incident of rainwater getting underneath our water tank and rising them up!

We poured about 3.5 tons of water into our 1st Energy Module (under Bedroom 3) which holds a maximum of 3.7 cubic metres (or 3700 litres) in capacity. Our meter went from a start reading of 200 liters (it is a brand new digital water meter!) and we stopped filling at 3727 liters!

The second tank, under bedroom 2, will need more like 4500 liters to fill it up mostly full. We started and got about 1900 liters in before we stopped work for the day. the rate of filling is only about 12 liters per minute so it will take a while to do the job. Phew!

By Shaun

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