Today, we started organising our new viaducts shoots so to be ready for the arrival of the ready mixed concrete, but discovered the “heavy” truth  of concrete and how it sluggishly works!!

The representative from the concrete supplier came this morning to discuss and advise us on what will and .. what will NOT .. work! If we wanted to use our new viaducts to guide the concrete from the edge of our site from the Loke, then unfortunately, the concrete would only dribble into the trenches and sluggishly move only so far along the channels, thus requiring massive amount of manual pushing to get the concrete to where it needed to be ALL around the foundation trenches. There is well over 120 metres of it all together! Phew!

So .. we have to hire a concrete pump with a boom arm to carry the concrete through pipes and deliver it directly into the trenches. This means that we don’t have to use the more expensive free flowing formula and use the more cheaper standard grade. This would help to offset the cost of the pump itself, not completely but that’s life in the world of house building!

Apparently, the boom arm can reach about 30 metres from the pump, fully supportive all the way without any legs!! Wow!



So this means that our lovely newly created viaducts won’t be necessary after all, or perhaps only needed if even the huge reach of the pump isn’t quite far enough to reach the far corner furthest away, then we can just chuck down one of our viaducts to complete the journey!!

The pump and concrete will come Monday morning. So in the meantime, we are doing other jobs inside and around the site that has been neglected in lieu of getting the foundations done sooner.

By Shaun

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