This morning, under a blanket of white clouds, we carried on with the bitumen painting of the Perimeter Wall, from the back corner of the Great Room and along the front of the house. We finished off the 1st barrel and started on the 2nd one.

After lunch, under a very strong sun (phew!), we started the 2nd coat along the garage side and all the way along the back of the building to that far corner of the Great Room we started from this morning. We were much faster on the 2nd coat as it didn’t seems to need as much, but on the other hand, we have used up the 2nd barrel and we are now on the 3rd container!



We couldn’t carry on because the bitumen had only 5 hours and less to dry since the morning so we stopped early for the day. We will continue tomorrow to finish off the 2nd coat and we will be all done!! We then can start leveling out the sand and soil inside and outside of the house, up against the wall and pull out the last of the shuttering and remove all the batter boards as well since they don’t provide any function any more – it will be neat and flat at last!!

By Shaun

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