The 6 steel brackets were hung up in our painting tent this morning and painted this afternoon.



Plus also the preparations for making the Steel Legs, all 7 of them, started today. First of all, we measured the height of the concrete floor inside the house at where the legs will be standing. The results of the laser level check-up were that 6 of them were within plus or minus 3mm and the 7th position was 15mm higher. This means that we will shorten that particular leg by 10mm and leave the other  6 legs alone as they are all within working tolerance.

Then the foot and top plates were orientated and marked out so they can be welded flat onto the ends of each of the 7 legs the right way around and that the bolt holes will line up with the I Beams.

It will probably take another week to weld the final pieces of steel onto the 7 legs and have them painted too. Then we will be ready to assemble them all together into the massive rectangular box framework situated in the middle of our roof and house.

By Shaun

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