At this stage of the analysis, the roof rafters are now being quantified. There are over 200 individual pieces, ranging in length from a few hundred millimetres, all the way up and over five thousand millimetres long!

Each rafter is a box beam, made up of a top flange using a 89mm CLS timber and a bottom flange of a 63mm CLS timber, sandwiched by two layers of 12mm thick high quality plywood boards. The hollow space inside the rafters will be filled up with insulations to avoid any “cold bridging” to stop heat from escaping.

The current summary of numbers are:

  • 125 lengths (600metres) of 89mm CLS timber
  • 105 lengths (500metres) of 63mm CLS timber
  • 138 sheets (415square metres) of 12mm plywood

Continuing with the roof structure, are the main ridge beams, hip and valley beams and other structural beams that helps join all the rafters together from the walls and up to the steel framework. So further analysis is being done on these items and will be added to the shopping list.

By Shaun

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