We continued with the task of picking out all the individual pieces of the roof structure, completing the analysis on the structural beams (ridge, hip and valley beams).
These beams are made of two very strong Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) flanges, 100mm high by 39mm thick, ranging in length from a few metres up to 7metres. These flanges are sandwiched by two outside layers of our 12mm structural plywood, and inside the boxing, are lots of noggins made of 89mm by 38mm CLS timber pieces positioned vertically in every place where the ends of each rafter comes down and joins onto these beams and are nailed and glued together. As you can see, these beams are a major load bearing members of the roof to carry the weight of all the rafters and tiles that will be put on the roof.
The summary of pieces are detailed below:

  • 36 pieces (200 metres) 100mm high made from 19 pieces of LVL 200mm by 39mm beams
  • 35¬†sheets (105 square metres) of 12mm plywood
  • 11 litres of non-creep cross-linked structural wood glue
  • 150 noggings (38metres) of¬†from the offcuts of the LVL flanges

Then, the second half of the day was spent on analysing the Sky Light which we have right on top and down the whole length of the roof. As a reminder, it is 2.5metres (8 feet) wide by 18metres (60 feet) long of two lines of slightly pitched glass (10 degrees angle) meeting together at the middle and highest point of our house. This Sky Light is mounted 150mm (6 inches) above the tiles of the roof, being made of a vertical structure sitting on top of the steel I beams and glazing timber bars coming down from the main horizontal wooden ridge beam, which are screwed on top of the steel Cross Spars elements going down the length of the Sky Light.
The results of this analysis will be revealed tomorrow!

By Shaun

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