For the start of a new week, we start on a new section of the roof. This time, it is the “J” and “L” sections, which are over Bedroom Two and Bathroom plus cupboards! We fetched twenty plywood webbing strips, 6 lengths and 5 lengths of the 89mm and 63mm CLS timber respectively. Oh yes, 8 polystyrene foam strips and a heap of various noggings too.
Then we did the task of cutting the angled ends in all the webbing strips plus also the wall clearance notches too and proceeded to slice the CLS timber pieces down to required sizes, to end up with all the pieces ready to create eight rafters (four “J” and four “L”), all sorted in pairs of two rafters per session of manufacturing. But before we start gluing and nailing, We refilled the glue dispenser bottle, swept the floor and throw away scrap wooden bits.
It was important to do in particular J6 and L4 rafters today so they would be dry and ready to be installed tomorrow as it would allow us to then measure the rest of the “J” and “L” sections and start preparing the bits and pieces for those rafters (J1 through to J5 and L5 through to L9).
By the end of the day and deliberately overrunning, we managed to complete six rafters, J6, J7, L4 plus L1, L2 and J9.
So on the morrow, we will bevel slice the ends off on all those rafters except J6 which has a funny shaped end in order to fit the metal bracket socket up on the K Ridge.
But first, we will finish off the last pair of rafters first thing in the morning so we can start making a mess with saw dust flying around when we do the angled bevel ends.

By Shaun

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